Themes for Presentations

The Christian Tradition and the Love of Nature

What is Ecotheology?
The Liberation of Nature: Lynn White, Jr.’s Challenge Anew

A Christian Spirituality of Nature
The Spirituality of Nature and the Trinity
Practicing the Trinity Prayer

Critical Analysis
The Alleged Ecological Bankruptcy of Christian Thought:  Beyond the Critical Theology of Matthew Fox

Reclaiming the Ecological Augustine:  the Promise of Metaphorical Analysis

The Eclipse of Nature in Modern Western Theology: Beyond the Anthropocentrism of Karl Barth and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Theological Reflection
Christianity and the Love of Nature – Two Lectures:  (1) The Historical Legacy  (2)The Contemporary Theological Imperative

A Reformation Theology of Nature Transfigured:  Joseph Sittler’s Invitation To See As Well As To Hear

The Ecological Promise of the Christian Faith:  A Revisionist Theology of Nature

Visions of the Cosmic Christ:  A Theme From And For Contemporary Theology

The Future of the Cosmos and the Renewal of the Church’s Life with Nature

The Peaceable Kingdom and the Ecological Witness of St. Francis: Reclaiming a Public Metaphor and a Public Persona

An Ecological Relationality: I-Ens, I-Thou, and I-It – Building on the Vision of Martin Buber

The Spirituality of Nature and the Poor:  Revisiting the Historic Vision of St. Francis

A Critical Challenge for Ecological Theology:  Liturgical Renewal

Christian Habits of Faith with Nature — Three Lectures:  (1) Awestruck Wonder Before Nature, (2) Serving Nature, (3) Building Human Community in Partnership with Nature

Biblical Studies
What a Green Friend We Have in Jesus:  Studies in Matthew, Mark, Colossians, Revelation

Partnership With Nature According to the Bible:  Beyond the Theology of Stewardship – Studies in Genesis 1, Genesis 2, and Job