About H. Paul Santmire

Professional Trajectory

The Rev. Dr. H. Paul Santmire is a historian and pastoral scholar in the disciplines of ecological theology, environmental ethics, and Christian liturgy and spirituality. His book Celebrating Nature by Faith: Studies in Reformation Theology in an Era of Global Emergency (2020) caps his more than fifty years of responding to the ecological and social justice challenges of our era. Widely recognized for his pioneering theological leadership, Dr. Santmire is the author of Brother Earth: ... (Read More)

Theological Autobiography

Ecology and Justice, Liturgy and Spirituality: A Theological Autobiography* H. Paul Santmire When my children have heard that I was working on yet another book, they have asked, “Same old, same old?”  And they were right.  My publishing persona for the past four decades has been focused, not to say fixated, on the theology of nature or on what I have usually preferred to call ecological theology.  This was in large measure, I think, because ... (Read More)

Partial List of Publications Since 1960

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