University Lutheran Church

As the Covid pandemic was upon us all, on the first Sunday in Advent, 2020, University Lutheran Church in Cambridge, MA began to offer a Zoom Eucharist. A what?  Martin Luther must have groaned in his grave.  But, mirabile dictu, it worked (to use one of my more sophisticated theological expressions).  An emergency solution somehow became the real thing. Picture this:  my wife, Laurel, and me sitting alone in our living room on a Sunday morning, with a computer in front of us on our living room table and, next to the computer, a lovely blue clay chalice and paten (plate), from my collection of twenty-two. I had filled the blue chalice with table wine from the gallon jug in our kitchen and Laurel had placed a small loaf of homemade bread on the paten. We had printed out the bulletin for the Liturgy. We were ready. Now for the familiar, pre-CovidRead More →

An audio recording of a sermon on the Cosmic Christ, “Who Then Is This?,” preached at University Lutheran Church, Cambridge, MA, June 24, 2018, predicated on the story of Jesus “stilling the waters” in the Gospel of Mark 4:35-41. Addressed to an academic audience, the sermon draws on Martin Luther’s teaching that all things in nature are miraculous.Read More →