rape culture

Of course my wife, Laurel, and I had to see the much-heralded exhibit at Boston’s Gardner Museum in the fall of 2021, “Titian – Women, Myth, and Power.”  For the first time in 500 years (!!), this preeminent Renaissance artist’s series of six monumental paintings of mythological themes from classical antiquity had all been gathered in the same room.  This was the exhibit’s only showing in the U.S., along with stops in London and Madrid.  I came home thinking about how to construct the following footnote.        Titian created these grand paintings between 1551 and 1562 for King Philip II of Spain.  All of them featured fulsome naked women, with titles like “The Rape of Europa” and “Venus and Adonis.”  Especially in Boston, where two confident women were at that very time competing for the office of mayor, this exhibit had to be about – women and power. Read More →