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sanctuary of a church, grey, brown wood pews

A Talk Given November 7, 2020, University Lutheran Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts – All Saints      It’s always a delight for me to stand in this pulpit. I stand here today, as a former pastor of this congregation, to thank you all – all you saints – for your longstanding commitment to the mission of this congregation and for your ministry, in particular, to me, over the course of many years.        I also stand here with this pitch: to encourage you saints to keep supporting this congregation financially as generously as you possibly can.        This is my theme: Thank you, UniLu.      Vignette number one. When I lived in Harvard’s Lowell House in the late fifties, I was in the occasional habit of dragging myself a block and a half down Winthrop Street to the Sunday liturgy here; and then getting out ofRead More →