Video Highlights

The video “An Introduction to My Life’s Work“ is a talk I gave to a study group of the Massachusetts Bible Society, focusing on one of my books, Ritualizing Nature. Deep Christology: Scholarly Explorations is a lecture on “cosmic Christology” I presented at the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at Berkeley, California.Read More →

How can a synod, diocess, district or other church judicatory launch a “green church” initiative? One Lutheran bishop, John Schleicher, is leading the way in his own synod, with help from Dr. Santmire. This video was produced by Bishop Schleicher to tell the story of a synod leadership retreat that he hopes will inspire his entire synod to be green. If you would like to schedule a workshop or seminar to help your church “go green,” please contact Dr. Santmire. Santmire Luncheon m4v mpeg4 online sd from MassBible on Vimeo.Read More →