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Earth Day Fifty: Parochial Ruminations

For me, April 22, 2020 was not just the celebration of the first Earth Day fifty years ago, it also was a more parochial time to begin some ruminating. I published my first book in ecological theology the same year as the first Earth… Continue Reading “Earth Day Fifty: Parochial Ruminations”

Fragments of An Ecological Spirituality: Musings on the Big Island

The construct ecological spirituality and terms like that have by now become familiar to many, Christians and others, who are seeking to respond to our global ecojustice crisis from religious perspectives. i Perhaps the most widely celebrated theological voice in this respect is Pope… Continue Reading “Fragments of An Ecological Spirituality: Musings on the Big Island”

Trump and Christmas: Seasonal Reflections (2017)

“A shoot shall come forth from the stump of Jesse…” (Is. 11:1) In front of our old farmhouse in southwestern Maine, I witnessed a sign from heaven this past summer. Several years ago, we called in a tree-man to cut down – sadly –… Continue Reading “Trump and Christmas: Seasonal Reflections (2017)”

St. Francis: Notes for Three Sermons, Fall 2015

Prepared for Lutherans Restoring Creation Commentary ( Lectionary Series B 2014-2015 September 27, October 4, October 11 A series honoring St. Francis of Assisi Note: Sunday, October 4, 2015 is the Festival of St. Francis. This series affords the preacher an opportunity to address… Continue Reading “St. Francis: Notes for Three Sermons, Fall 2015”

Spiritual Reflections Down Under

They asked me what I thought.  An academic and church consortium brought me to lovely Adelaide in southern Australia in March of 2015 to present a paper on ecotheology and spirituality.  That I did (the paper will be published in due course).  Along the… Continue Reading “Spiritual Reflections Down Under”